Where is PVC used?

Over 31% of all pipes in Europe are made of PVC and on the global market PVC represents 39% of all pipes. PVC is currently used in a wide spectrum of applications from drinking water to sewage collection, from gas distribution to electrical networks.

What does the future hold?

As with all materials and all products, constant changes and developments are being undertaken and new applications researched and introduced. We are seeing some major changes in the production of PVC pipes and also new applications coming on the market including:

  • The introduction of new stabilisers (such as calcium/zinc systems – Ca/Zn - as well as Organic Based Stabilisers - OBS ) following the phase-out of cadmium and the planned phase-out of lead based systems by the end of 2015.
  • Larger diameter pipes are being produced with structured and foam-core designs.
  • New systems using PVC pipes for the relining of existing pipe networks.
  • Bi-orientated pipes increasing strength and flexibility of PVC pipe systems.
  • Multilayer pipes using PVC recyclate are being introduced.